Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Gloomy Day

The future does not bode well for Americans or the world. When I met my husband he had written a personal ad in which he said we could drink Pepsi and watch the Apocolypse on TV. I thought it funny then, but last night I wondered why we didn't have Pepsi in the house. I seesaw between believing more than half of those in America who bothered to vote actually think Bush is the better man for the job, or that the election was stolen all too easily through the Diebold voting machines. (I have to wonder why they think the exit polls were inaccurate.) They say people voted for him for his moral values and because he's the stronger man. A lying warmonger has better moral values. A man who went AWOL is better able to defend our country than a man who was wounded while defending others and then had the courage to say the war was wrong. This is just nuts. One person's Armageddon is another's Rapture. As someone has said to me, I hope they have it soon and leave the rest of us to live in peace. I guess it's time to remind myself there really is very little difference between Dems and Repubs.

I haven't published lately because I've been a bit discomfitted. Having got involved with an extremely narcissistic man, awareness of every little egotistical trait in myself has bubbled to the surface. So I'm just, well, embarrassed at my own narcissism. My friend the published writer advised me long ago that every writer needs a fine balance between humility and megalomania. At this rate I'll never get published...gotta get over that discomfort.

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