Friday, December 24, 2004

Tree Trimming

Tonight my husband Steve's girlfriend came over to help us decorate the Christmas tree. I think this is my favorite part of all the holiday stuff, especially since Steve introduced me to his tradition of opening champagne while we do it. While Steve is the connoisseur of wines, I mostly like champagne because it is the ritual drink of celebrations.

Krissy was delighted to see the Worried Santa. Actually, there are two Worried Santas. Steve wasn't completely satisfied with the first, so he went out and found another tube of Reese's Mini Peanut Butter Cups.

Of course the evening began with a hitch. Earlier today Steve finally succumbed and bought a fake tree with lights already attached, rather than a tree that's been killed for the annual sacrificial offering. One whole layer of lights would not light, and Krissy saved the day by bringing a light tester from the store. She was the one who got the lights working. Her prize was putting the star on the top. Then we all three filled the branches with our ornaments, starting with the special ones. The good ones have stories. Such as the santa head with green hat from Pat Wilson, Weezer's drummer. He and his wife also gave us a little sheep. That was the year we held a Christmas party when we could least afford it. Or the fragile glass mini candle ornaments from Steve's grandma. Or the glass pickle that I'd given Steve, because where I grew up, you always had a pickle on the tree. Where Krissy grew up, you always had a bird in nest. And I did have one to put up, origami. The first year I as an adult started having a tree, I made a bunch of origami ornaments.

We drank champagne, and ate imported cheese and little pecan tartletts. Once we were done we turned out all the lights but the tree. It was quite late. It was very nice to have Steve's other love with us, very fun.

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