Thursday, February 15, 2007

Call Senator Smith, But Beware

Portland Peace activists have been regularly visiting Senator Smith's office, trying to hold him to his declaration that he now thinks the Iraq war was wrong.

Yesterday they couldn't get to his office, were stopped at the elevator. Tom, the professor, said, "Smith's rep, Andrew Over, categorically denied that we were being kept out at Smith's office request and, upon further questioning, even denied that the Smith people had any input into this decision."

Seems like a good time to keep the pressure on Smith. Remind him that we his constituents want the war to end. Remind him that he thought so too, post-election, and darned if we wouldn't like to see him follow through with that. Remind him that we are his constituents and deserve the chance to meet with him. There are reports though that people calling Smith's office in support of open/equal access to our elected officials are being told that their calls are being turned over to "security."

See the full story at My Left Wing.

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Pen Names: justwhen, rachel said...

So you have Senators Smith and Wyden over there? At least your Democrat in the Senate, Wyden, had the sense, decency, political courage, whatever, to vote AGAINST Joint Resolution 116.

Our NY Senate Dems (Schumer and Clinton) both voted FOR it. Where's a real opposition party when you need one, like to keep from GOING TO WAR??!!? So great, some of the politicians now say they made a mistake. IF we can believe that they weren't just being political cowards back then, but were actually foolish dupes, should we feel GLAD? I still wish they'd be gone from office. Because *I* certainly knew better--SO MANY of us knew better than to buy what Bush & Co. were selling. War is a racket, we know that. Let's give a copy of Addicted to War to every incoming first-year in Congress...

I'd better stop now, I'm ranting. Sorry... *sigh*