Friday, June 29, 2007

Fava Bean Soup Experiment

I had some fresh fava beans from the farmer's market. If I didn't use them today, chances are I wouldn't at all...too busy this coming week.

Sooo, I was thinking about the yummy fava bean soup that I order at Hoda's sometimes. This fava bean soup, made from dried favas I assume, is tangy with lemon juice, barely cooked onions, garlic, a clear vegetable broth, shimmery with olive oil. I hoped to re-create this in some fashion with my fresh favas. I knew it wouldn't be the same, as the fresh beans taste more green than the dried ones, but I figured if I aimed for the same elements, I couldn't go wrong. A quick google search affirmed that garlic, onion, maybe tomato, maybe lemon, broth, I could make a decent soup.

My pantry can be haphazard. No vegetable broth, but a 32 oz box of organic soy ginger broth from Trader Joe's. I had Walla Walla onions from the market, and a big very fresh almost green bulb of garlic. A beefsteak tomato. Hmmm. Would I like it with the soy ginger broth? This would be a taste-as-you-go project. That's how I cook best. Isn't it obvious?

fava beans 2 lbs, 3 lbs? I'm not sure what I had. shelled, boiled, shelled again, I had maybe 2 cups
1 medium, 1 small walla walla onion
1 head of garlic
32 oz box soy ginger broth
1 beefsteak tomato
canola oil, butter to saute

While the beans cooled I sauteed the larger onion, then most of the garlic. I added those to the broth, got that simmering, started pinching the amniotic sack off the beans (that's what it makes me think of...there's a story behind that that doesn't belong in an essay about food). I decided what the hell, I'll use all the garlic. So I sauteed the rest in a little butter, thus the oil and butter. I kept going with the bean shelling, adding a handful at a time to the broth. Soon it started getting muddled, and I could begin to taste the beans in the broth. It takes a while to prep these beans.

Beans done, I realized I didn't just want some sauteed onions, I wanted some barely cooked onions, so that's why I added the small onion. Tasting alright, but it will need more tang, and I think the tomato will add some zip as well as color. Cut into big chunks, tomato added, heat off. A couple big squirts of lemon juice, salt to taste at the table, and I'm done. Not bad if I may say so myself. Some crusty buttered bread to dunk is required. I'm happy.

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