Thursday, July 26, 2007

HNT #25: Yes I Read It

Last Saturday I worked at the library, and I also happened to get my library copy of the latest Harry Potter. Since I was working I couldn't spend the day reading as so many fans seemed to do, finishing by nightfall, but I did finish within the week.

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You went, listened and voted, then came back here? Good, but my pics will be a step down after that. I can't compete, isn't she great?

Of course I enjoyed Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. There were some side stories that I'd like to know about, but the book was already thick enough. While this is supposed to be the 7th and final book, there are rumors that JK Rowling may find a way to bring us an 8th book. Maybe we could get some of those side stories.

Our library had some temporary tattoos to give out. I snagged one for myself, my way of participating in the excitement, and I did get some comments. I must say though that I think the most excitement at the library was generated for book #5. A lot of people placed holds on book 6, but then went to midnight parties or bought it cheap at Costco, and cancelled their holds. This year I believe there were less holds.

IMG_0003 copy

So I finally got a chance to read on Monday, and while I intended to do other things, I kept going back to the book. I did have an errand to run, and I noticed while riding the bus that a couple of people stared at me wide-eyed, as though I sparkled with a bit of the magic that danced through the pages.

Before I began reading, I knew if that Vast Great Oceanic Wisdom of Plot were to be fulfilled I knew, I just knew, that Snape would be redeemed. I wasn't the only one, this librarian was called a traitor. I won't say one way or other if I was satisfied, I don't want to spoil the book for others. Clearly, this songster got a look at one of those pre-release pirated versions, or else he is truly a Potter geek to have guessed all those plot points.

I finished the book before my temp tattoo disappeared:

Multimedia message

Ok, if you haven't, please please go vote for my friend Lisa Mann, and spread the word.

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Hoochie Mama said...

Happy HNT!!!

I loved the new book! I read it on Monday!

morgetron said...

I'm starting it tonight. I had to wait for my daughter to finish first. HHNT!

Anonymous said...

Happy HNT!

The line for HP7 at midnight by our house literally had about 300 or 400 people. My wife and I took one look at that line and just said "forget it." So we bought it that morning at the local drug store. Paid $6 more, but what the heck. I just wanted to read it.

By Sunday, I finished it. Won't give anything away for anyone else reading this, but it was quite good. #5 is still the best book of the series though (and #3 is the best movie).