Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A People's History

I very much liked reading and blogging through I, Claudius. I am going to do the same with A People's History by Howard Zinn. I was given this as a Christmas present a few years back from my Amazon wish list. The giver was a witness at my sweetie's and my dinner wedding. I've always felt bad because I never got started on reading it, even though it's lingered on my Important Books to Read list for years.

I don't plan to keep a set schedule or read a certain amount. I do plan to read about a half hour at a time, then write about it here. This may happen several times a week, but at least once a week. I hope there are folks out there who will follow along, or read ahead as the case may be, and engage in dialog in the comments. I plan to begin this next week.

You may want to get this book eventually, but meanwhile, it is scanned and available online right here.

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