Monday, November 03, 2008

May the Winner Actually Win

As the Obama campaign has been, as many Democrats have been, I am cautiously optimistic about tomorrow. photo by megpi on flickr

The question, as I've been saying to my friends all along, is not whether he wins, but whether he is allowed to win. The question is whether he is so outrageously popular that he overcomes the fix that has already happened.

Too much has been documented about the fixes of 2000 and 2004. Serious documentation has shown that these elections were stolen, yet it has not been treated seriously by the mainstream media, the Senate, or the House. Already plenty has been documented about election tampering in this election. Oh, and Acorn? A legitimate organization abiding by the rules, turning in questionable registrations. That is what their detractors would have you believe was voter fraud. See this video about that.

All that flack about Acorn committing voter fraud (not)? It's to cover up the rampant voter purging being committed by Republican Secretaries of State in key states. 1 in 5 voters purged in Colorado. 1 in 9 in New San Miguel County, 1 in 5...a county predominantly poor and Hispanic. Coincidence? New ID requirements that will disenfranchise 566,000 voters in Indiana. Who tends not to have ID? First-time voters and the very old. They're trying to block 85,000 new registrants in Florida. These tactics are not class or color-blind. See Greg Palast's article here. The number of voters affected with these many purges could be up to 6 million voters. This could well steal the election, under the guise of rule of law...but targeting populations according to race...and that is illegal. It happened in 2000 and 2004 and so far no one has been convicted.

Greg Palast doesn't even cover the fix in machines. There have already been reports of machines switching votes from Obama to McCain in front of the voters' eyes. It's also possible to hack into the emailed reported vote tallies. See this article for more on the ways the election has been and can be e-stolen.

My friend Patrick is also cautiously optimistic, and takes comfort in the numbers he awoke with out of a dream: 53-45-2. Wouldn't it be something if those are post-tampered numbers?

I hope that even if he wins, Obama pursues lawsuits in all those places where the votes have been tampered with. I heard the campaign is prepared to send lawyers to polling places where difficulties are experienced, such as long lines or rejected registrations. I hope that is true. People are encouraged to report any voting problems by calling 866-OUR-VOTE, or go here. You can see real time reports at this site. How's this for dirty dealing? Reports from Pennsylvania that people received robocalls telling them to vote on November 5. Or from Florida that they can vote by phone.

May we find out tomorrow we do still live in a democracy.

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