Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Facebook snippets from the past month

While I've been absent here, I've said little things here and there on Facebook. If you hook up with me there, you can keep updated not only with this blog, but with my links saved on delicio.us, my books reviewed on Goodreads, and my photos posted to Flickr. There's also Flixster, so I'm thinking of keeping track of my movies there rather than IMDB.

Here's some of my updates from Facebook (sorry FB friends...you can just ignore this):

February 10: I watched this thanks to Choten’s recommendation.

February 10: I walked home among snowflakes larger than a cat's paw. I said, "Helloow crow! Do you like the snow?" (nobody had a response to that)

February 18: I'm putting some final touches on, and practicing my flannel board story. It's based on "Moving Day" by Robert Kalan, about a hermit crab finding a new shell

February 21: listening to "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian," written and spoken by Sherman Alexie. I am in love.

February 22: The sticker machine was a big hit in Dharma School this am. I talked to my dad this pm. Found out last week was worrisome, but he seems ok now.

February 25: I said this

this doesn't seem a bit neutral, but a bunch of quibbling about generalizations labeled as fact so they can make generalizations. I wonder if this country will ever stop harping about chump change, when the biggest corporate welfare handout deals in the art of violence and destruction. over 1 trillion dollars a year to militarism, and they're worried somebody might get a deal with their 1/4 million dollar mortgage over-extension?
in response to this link posted by Cynthia.

February 25: I posted this article about the library. and as you can see, got into a little online tiff.

March 6: I posted this after Terri posted it, and said,
it's funny how when there's all that squawking about big government spending, about handouts, about the cost of helping people get the basics of food, shelter, and health...there's no mention of the cost of warmongering and ubiquitous militarism.
Two people liked it.

March 6: This comment I made: “you know you're really a Buddhist when you get over being A Good Buddhist” on this article and made someone laugh.

March 6: I finally cleaned up the clutter in my library. I had to so I could find the book I need for Dharma School. It wasn't there...it was on my desk.

March 7: I tried to buy this. I was outbid by Domyo.

March 7: Ack! I just realized I prepared a different Dharma School lesson than I intended, but it's for the best. New plan is better.

March 9: I won a prize without doing anything. They're sending it tomorrow. http://trimet.org/pdfs/employers/toworkwi09.pdf page 3; now I'm off to my massage.

March 11: I got my new cpap machine. this one self-adjusts air pressure. maybe now I will sleep better.

March 11: I'm learning about dogs, and which ones get along with cats. I thought I'd wait til summer's over for a new animal friend but I don't think I can wait.

March 12: I got my prize from trimet: the book “Walk There: 50 treks in and around Portland and Vancouver.” My friend Mary gets the book.

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