Friday, June 10, 2011

Obsessions vs. Goals

Books read January 2009 to May 31, 2009 (pre-Kindle): 25
Books read January 2011 to May 31, 2011: 71

The Kindle hasn't just re-ignited my love of reading books.  It's made me obsessed. (Now as low as $114 new.)

Latest obsession:  Rachel Caine.  I began reading her Morganville Vampires series on May 5th.  I finished with her latest, #10, on May 19.  Now I've begun her Weather Warden series.

Other obsessions: Charlaine Harris...her other-than-Sookie-Stackhouse books; Cate Tiernan (I actually had to Inter-Library Loan a book from her Balefire series, the only one that wasn't available on the Kindle); and um...paranormal erotica.  mmmm werewolves.  The only time growly males in romances are interesting.

Kindle cover pictured was a Christmas present to me from my sweetie's other sweetie. She commissioned it from an Etsy seller.

There's that, and then it seems my obsession over books leaked over into TV obsessions.  My sweetie bought us a new TV and Tivo with the new year, and along with that we finally subscribed to Netflix, streaming only.  If I started watching a TV show that interested me, I watched and watched until all caught up. This happened with Monarch of the Glen;  the Doctor Whoniverse; Jekyll (seeing a pattern here?); and Gossip Girl (library DVDs).

Total fluff, total fun.  Not really conducive to writing.

I want to set up some goals, and I hope you, dear readers (if I have any left), can help me to keep on task.

  1. I'll write at least one post here a week.  More would be better, but would be hindered by number 2, below.  Readers' task: leave a comment about those kinds of posts you've liked best.  When I sputtered to a crawling stop, I'd kind of devolved into mostly book-blogging, and I want to get back to the Multiplicity that this blog is all about.
  2. I'll catch up on my Dharma School blogging before we start teaching again in September.  I've been postponing for 2 1/2 years.  That's somewhere around 20 lessons to write up. Approximately two a week, here we go!  Unfortunately, with some of these, I won't have the fun details that came up in the lessons...but then, that means I should be able to write them quickly.
  3. At the very least I'll blog about the books I read for a book group.  For now that's one per month. Starting in the fall we'll have our Classics book group, so then it will often be two per month.  Unfortunately, the Classics Pageturners is on the third Sunday of each month, and my regular Pageturners is on the third Tuesday of the month.  Here again is where the Kindle comes in handy...very easy to review passages I've highlighted.  I'll have to schedule my book-reading. Maybe I'll do a slow-read series once in a while again.
  4. Pick up that novel-in-progress again, and write it.  I think someone needs to set me up in a hermit's cabin with electricity but NO INTERWEBS.

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