Saturday, October 14, 2006

Horse Parking

I first saw one of these in August. About 4 blocks up the street there's a toy horse tied to a ring embedded in the curb, meant to tie horses in the early 1900s.


Yesterday as I walked to the chichi bakery that landed in my neighborhood (goodbye sportsbars, hello swank restaurants) I found the horse still there, but someone has been taking care of it.


(I sent that from my cell phone to my flickr account. Did you know you could do that?)

That evening, I find out from Steve there was an article about it, and he'd been seeing them since around April. (pause while I look for it) I'd wondered if it was just one person doing that or if the idea was spreading and a bunch of people doing it, a meme. Steve thought it was just one person buying up toy horses at Goodwill and parking them around town.

Article here. Website here. Typical of me. I take a while and have to catch up.

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