Friday, October 06, 2006

Naked for a cause

My three photos are now up at Two are in the delicately coy free-to-view section (still not safe for work), one in the donate-to-view section. They've got the history as to why they started this fundraiser here.

You may visit there and get quite excited looking at all the beautiful barely covered boobs and think that is enough. I did. No matter what kind of boob, they're all beautiful. But then because I submitted a photo that they used in the pay-to-view section, they gave me a password so I could see. Let me tell you, that too is breathtaking. So many nipples standing at attention...why didn't I think of that? Part of what makes me so excited is the way women have managed to share their personalities in their photos, yet these are still just photos of their boobs. It really does turn me on, and I hope I turn someone else on in the same way.

But of course if you want to see the erect nipples, you have to donate money for charity, this being breast cancer awareness month.