Thursday, November 15, 2007

Movies Seen

This is the kind of movie that I think of as a video game plot. Set in a flashy futuristic world, hot chick in latex must retrieve a certain thing and kill her way through all who would stop her. She seems to have many lives, and special drugs or gadgets that seem to give her special powers. Bad but compelling enough to keep watching.

Pursuit of Happyness
Based on the true story of a man who always knew he would never live his child without a father, unlike his own father. His struggles to earn enough money selling a piece of medical equipment that hardly any doctor wants, and his wife leaves him. He insists he keeps his son. Through persistence, charm, and intelligence he gets into a finance internship, and before it is done (without a guarantee of a job) he and his son are homeless.

I really liked this movie, love Will Smith, but did there have to be so much running?

Clerks II
I barely remember seeing Clerks. I remember the dialog was a bit tedious at times. I wasn't sure I would like the sequel, but it was good enough. No longer tedious. I was delighted to see supporting actors from my favorite sitcom, Earl and Randy.

The book was written by a teenager, and is very popular among the fantasy-loving set. While I am in that set, I've had my doubts because it was written by a teenager...not to mention that fact that I don't want to look too hard at the success of a teenage writer over my inability as of yet to finish a book.

Is it bad of me to be glad that the movie was horrible? The plot is one you could expect of an untried person, lacking the complexity I enjoy from an older writer. The screenwriter couldn't save it.

Oh yeah, it's about a young man who saves an egg, nurtures the dragon, and together with their special link as rider and dragon they save the day. Tivo recommended it.

Reign of Fire Recommended by Tivo after Eragon. Lately dragons in movies are the good guys, but not in this one. An ancient nest in London is disturbed and they start breeding, and lay waste around the world. People are reduced to defensive fortresses. Attempts to grow food are quickly incinerated by the dragons. A fortress outside of London is visited by the Americans, strangers almost as feared, but the Americans have a strategy that works to kill the dragons, and the two groups make plans to kill the stallion of the dragon herd. Scary with a bit of a Mad Max feel, good that way.

Post Impact
The Tivo has learned well our predilection for scifi and apocolyptic movies, but has yet to learn discernment. This movie makes Hollywood standard look like fine art. A giant meteor hits the earth, that was just the prologue. The intrigue comes 3 years later, or is it 5, when a microwave weapon satellite is re-activated and in the hands of some unknown hostile. The controls are in Berlin, the heart of the nuclear winter. The day is saved several times by the dog and the child. I suppose this is the German version of a B movie, beyond bad.

The pattern of the Tivo begins to emerge.

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