Sunday, November 04, 2007

Neahkanie and Nehalem Bay

I really quite enjoyed our vacation along the coast last month, but something I missed was the leisure time to walk on the beach. By some dumb stroke of luck somebody cancelled and I won the drawing for two nights at the library cottage. During the three days/two nights there, I got the chance to walk on the beach four times. I've been fortunate to visit here about once a year since Steve and I started going.

There's always something different about the beach. This time there was a giant tangle of seaweed. These things are about 30 feet long.


Somebody left an art installation on the beach:

hide arranged on driftwood

I like to visit these rocks during low tide. Once upon a time there were at least three, and this the tallest was 4 to 5 feet above the sand, the size of an easy chair. I'm not sure if people truck in sand to replace sand lost to the ocean, or if the ocean shifts sand back to the shore. During high water, the rocks would be submerged. I wonder if I will find them at all on my next visit.

I also enjoy observing the gulls as they drink the fresh water from the creeks emptying into the ocean.

I was particularly drawn to the rocks. Perhaps I developed an affinity after the Shasta Caverns. I was climbing about on the rocks on the north end of Neahkanie beach when the low water tide turned around to seek high water. Whoops, almost got wet.
The sunsets were glorious.

setting sun Neahkanie beach

Steve had the neat idea to take photos of details of the cottage that he likes to remember.

Steve's little things about the cottage old wood windowsill
I decided to steal his idea and take a few more of my own.

little things about the cottage little things about the cottage

On Thursday, our full day there, we visited the Cart'm recycling center

Cart'm recycling center thrift store garden bed

and the Nehalem Bay State Park, Steve's good idea.
Nehalem Bay

We saw a total of eight deer.

doe near cart'm stag in dunes

nehalam bay state park beach north view
For the slideshow of all the photos, go here. There are many more favorite things, and more visions from the beach and state park. Turn the titles on if you want to see more explanation, off if you just want to see the many photos.
neahkanie mountain rock beach

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