Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Eats Near Hollywood Library: Hollywood Burger Bar

So you're in the Hollywood district and you're hungry for a burger (in my case a veggie burger) and you see this:

Mark Lindsay's Rock and Roll Cafe

Do not be tempted by the B-list celebrity gimmick. Do not think that because it's big and a newly renovated building that the restaurant must be good. It's not. I went there once, chose two vegetarian appetizers that with tip came to $20, and they were kinda lame. If you must go there, don't choose anything with tomatoes, that's all I can say. Even the Hollywoodian that was quite excited about Mark Lindsay opening a restaurant has lost her enthusiasm. She said the burger wasn't that great either. Now I hear they've raised their prices. Like that's going to bring more people in.

So you still want that burger. Why don't you just go kitty corner across the street, and squeeze into the Hollywood district landmark, the Hollywood Burger Bar?

Hollywood Burger Bar

The only day I have a lunch hour while working over there is Saturday. Sometimes it can be quite busy, thus I say "squeeze into."

They may just have good old diner food, but they have the Garden burger and the Boca burger for vegetarians. You'll pay at least half as much as the Rock and Roll joint, you have the veggie options, and I'm sure it tastes better. They know their burgers and fries here. I'll bet they know their milkshakes too. I wouldn't know. I'm always too full from the burger and fries to try one. (and some Hollywoodians still go to McD's. What's up with that?)

Tell me, did I choose the Boca, or the Garden burger?

Meatless Boca Burger


Anonymous said...


(I recall the Boca patty shape having more vertical edges than what's pictured, but I could be wrong.)


Max Macias said...

Nice--I've never been there--I will have to check it out!