Tuesday, May 06, 2008

New Haunts

Besides The Daily Coyote and Salazmeyer, here are a few that I look forward to reading in my bloglines feeds.

the effing librarian
Somebody mentioned this one when we were doing web 2.0 stuff at my library. It is a rare writer who can write with sardonic wit and still read as a caring person. When it is not done well, it just comes off as negative and mean. He? is funny and effing right.

the New York Public Library blogs
There's a lot of cool info to be found here, and you don't necessarily have to live in New York to imbibe. I found something I may do when I visit New York in June. (Did I mention I'm taking a little detour before I visit Wisconsin for my twin nephews' high school graduation party?)

Practical Polyamory
It's exactly as the title says. There's an educational website attached. I think it will be a good place to point folks to.

I noticed I don't really keep up with the Buddhist blogs I have in my bloglines feed. I'm more attracted to certain book blogs and non-monogamous or polyamory blogs. Maybe that's because the Buddhist blogs that I know of that focus on Buddhism tend to cover ideas I already know about, or can't really cover Buddhism in depth perhaps because they don't know enough yet. I used to like the quotes blogs, but not so much lately. Then I remembered my dharma sister...almost forgot her because she doesn't post very often. I wish she did more. I could add her, as well as Woodmoor Village. I'll pounce on their posts as soon as I see them.

I am also always interested in the Friendly Atheist, though sometimes it's a bit dry, and has a limited view of Buddhism. I read his book end of last year. Lately I am also keeping up with Feministing.

Reading blogs can really be a procrastinator's downfall.


chez bez said...

Thanks for this. I just added the NY Public Library blog to my Reader.

The Murakami exhibition looks wonderful. Have big fun!

the.effing.librarian said...

thanks for the kind words about my blog - it surprises me when people recommend it to others since I only blog to amuse myself (and my mom). cheers.

Nacho Cordova said...

Enji, thanks for the mention. I'm surprised, since for a while now I've been so bad at keeping up with the blog. This last year of making tenure and managing kids and everything else took a serious toll on my ability and disposition to blog as I was doing previously.

Good news is that I am on sabbatical, will spend time with the blog this Summer, and in the Fall. Then again, WoodMoor Village is also taken its own turn for less "Buddhist" thought, and more "whatever strikes me" blog. : )

I hope you are well,