Saturday, June 21, 2008

Photos Here and There

I wrote about my first day in Brooklyn. Here are the photos of my visit with Jan to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Do follow that link. This one may be my favorite:

orange gate with red skirt

Earlier this spring, even while I was so busy, I found time to go on the river cruise again with my friend and mentee. See more river and bridge photos here. With a sufficiency rating of 2, could this be the most unsafe bridge in the nation?

Sellwood bridge

See why it's so unsafe here.

Back to Brooklyn:
I stayed at the Loralei Bed and Breakfast, and I certainly could stay there again. Compared to hotels in New York, it is cheap, but so much nicer than a hotel. See photos here. There are also photos of the neighborhood. I will be adding a few more of the neighborhood that I haven't uploaded yet. I found Loralei through TripAdvisor. I highly recommend it for planning trips.

I love this Mister Softee scene:

ice cream man

I intended to go to the Guggenheim, but all galleries were closed but one.
That just left more time for the Met. I meandered through for 4 hours. Exhausting but amazing. (Follow that link for a daily featured work of art. I should do that too.) As I did with MOMA the first time I visited New York, I took photos of those pieces that grabbed my attention. Well, some of them. Thank you, New York, for letting us take photos, unlike the museums over here in Portland. I showed my nephew Jake my photos on my camera. He is really into skulls in his artwork, and he was quite interested in this:

Ground Zero, 1983

Hello, kitty.

Tiger and Cubs, 1884

More later...

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