Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Friends and Dia Photos

So many things were on hold for the last, oh 3 or 4 months, while I worked on the Buddhist Festival. (and I'm not quite done for the year...this Sunday we have a debrief meeting, and there are some tasks I need to complete before then.) Yesterday I thoroughly vacuumed. I'd only done quick run-throughs a couple times these past months.

This evening I cleared off the accumulated nest of papers, junk mail, flotsam and jetsam that were landsliding off of my coffee table and my kitchen table. I couldn't just sweep it all into recycling. This took me hours, but I finally got them clear and clean. I can now see the cluttered collection of mementos. See here:

coffee table cleared for viewing

I still have a mountain of stuff on top of the dresser-turned-coffee table in my library. At least it's down to one horizontal surface.

Last night I got a couple more sets of photos uploaded that I shot earlier this spring.

In March, I spent a little time with my twin friends. They were being dinosaurs, and the game that naturally evolved for a little while was my trying to "catch" them with my camera.

You see how elusive they were?

almost missed him

barely seen

The rest are here. If you use the slideshow tool, be sure titles are turned on for viewing.

In April, I got to go on a field trip at work, i.e. I got sent to another library branch to help them with Dia de los Ninos.

I was so happy to do that. Some may recall that I was working at that branch last year for the festival. Again, I got my picture taken with the celebrity of the day. Guess who?

me and Peter

You can see the rest here.

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Anonymous said...

You look beautiful in the picture with Peter Rabbit! Happy is beautiful :)