Thursday, July 03, 2008

Market Day Giveaway

I haven't had many chances to go to the farmers market this summer. I was too busy, and then gone on my trip. Last week I took my mentee and her little sister. This is what I'm missing out on, not having kids. It was so much easier with them there. They pulled my rolling crate. When I bought something, they lifted the lid and I just placed the purchase inside. Alone, I'm juggling 3 or 4 things in my hands and at least two things on the ground. They were great helpers.

I've been going on Wednesdays, either to the market in the South Park Blocks, or the market at People's Co-op. Today I went to my old Thursday haunt, the Eastbank market on SE 20th. I've missed it. The park blocks one can be so very crowded and too big, and the People's not big enough. This one is just right, with plenty of lane space, enough but not too many booths, and the farm with my favorite tomatoes. Tomatoes are important. Krissy's been enjoying her market visits. I missed running into her tonight.

Here is the bounty I came away with tonight. Notice the bag that says "Recycle" in the back. That was free for pledging to take my own bag to the store, plus I learned more about our improved curbside recycling. Businesses already have curbside compost pickup, and residential homes will too, eventually. Unfortunately, the company taking the business compost is not interested in residential, so metro is searching for a business that will. My 5-foot wide yard is just not big enough for our own compost heap. I would love to send it away, and I would even buy back the dirt they made out of it.

Here's the thing. I actually have too many re-usable bags, but I couldn't turn down a free bag. So I'm going to give you one. Not this one, but another one. Whoever can name the most vegetables and fruits correctly in this photo wins the prize. Some of them you can barely see, but they are there. Some are mysterious. I blogged about at least one of them last year. Go ahead and name the different versions too. You're right, no, I did not get the kinder eggs from the market. I got those at a European import store a few blocks away, across from my bus stop. Click to enlarge the photo.

Here, my friends, is the prize you could win. This is a piece of Portland memorabilia. The Daily Grind was a store that was here for years and years. When I moved here in 1991, my friend T introduced us to the store. It had already been around then for years and years...a Seventh Day Adventist store chock full of old-timey vegetarian goodies. It was the one place in town where I knew I could get my favorite, the Worthington Dinner Roast. At least TDG will be replaced with another locally-owned market, a New Seasons store. I may have to beg them to carry certain Worthington products.

canvas bag

Please note that I really do like this bag. I'm sure you will too. I imagine my Portland readers would be more interested in it, but if you live far far away, if you win and you want it I will send it to you.

After working, going to the market, and waiting for buses, it was a bit late when I finally made dinner. I made a soup with the stuff I had left from last week's market that I needed to use up: zucchini, broccoli, onion, garlic. Of course I had to add some of this week's tomato...that I just added to the bowl...the heat cooks it just enough.

I also made cucumber salad.

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