Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Driving in thunderstorm

driving in thunderstorm
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I've just uploaded my first video to flickr.

The night I arrived in Wisconsin, there were tornadoes and thunderstorms. I was still in the air during the tornadoes, but drove through bands of thunderstorms to get to Fond du Lac. The music was eerily the same as if I had never left 23 years ago.

I was only 25 miles away when I was routed off the highway. The detour was confusing. I thought it odd that they would not do the usual partial road construction and keep us on the highway.

With the detour and the storms, it took me about an hour longer to get there from Milwaukee. At 2 am, I checked into my hotel, where I learned the road was closed due to flooding, and that much of the town was flooded. The hotel was full, the clerk's replacement could not get there, and she couldn't leave either. Without my reservation, I would not have a room.

There's a nice dramatic flash near the end of this video.

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