Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Buddhists are not theists

There's a talk to that effect at the oldest Buddhist temple in Oregon this Saturday.

Buddhist, Theist, Non-Believer Panel Discussion
August 23, 2 pm
Oregon Buddhist Temple
3720 SE 34th Ave, Portland

From the description:
The most interesting part of the program will almost surely be the interchange between the presenters, Rev.Marcoux and Rev. Gibbs, and the attendees. Please remember however that we are not here to answer questions like “Does the Buddha's Pure Land really exist?” and certainly not to argue about the existence or non-exsitence of some deity.

Spiritual maturity leads one away from questions about what is or is not in existence. The important questions to those who are emotionally or spiritually mature are always about how our experience changes with the taking of different perspectives.

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