Friday, September 26, 2008

Reading the Iliad

The Iliad (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition) OK, along with A Tale of Two Cities, the schedule for which I am struggling to keep up with, I am now reading The Iliad. I have 10 days to read it before the discussion group on October 5. I am being so willfully stubborn and not giving this up even though I am overwhelmed...this Classics series is SO popular that the facilitators are closing registration as soon as the waitlist is as long as the number of registrants allowed. (I hope you remember I whispered in the right ear to get this discussion series started.)

So, if there's anybody out there who wants to read along with me, here's my schedule. I've always meant to read the Fagles translation, and now here's a good reason. I may blog a few notes as I read, just so I remember what went on in my head when I get to the real live discussion group (that I hope really is a discussion group and not all lecture).

By the end of _____ I will (errr, hope to) read to the end of________:

Friday, Sept. 26: Book 5: Diomedes Fights the Gods
Saturday: Book 7: Ajax Duels With Hector
Sunday: Book 10: Marauding Through the Night
Monday: Book 13: Battling for the Ships
Tuesday: Book 16: Patroclus Fights and Dies
Wednesday, Oct. 1: Book 18: The Shield of Achilles
Thursday: Book 21: Achilles Fights the River
Friday: Book 23: Funeral Games for Patroclus
Saturday: Book 24, The End

Sunday, October 5, afternoon....discuss!

(The Butler translation is available at DailyLit. That and several other older translations are available at Project Gutenberg.)

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