Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thanks on Thursday

A lot of bloggers do a Gratitude Tuesday, but I don't know who they are and am not part of that circle. In my American Buddhist Zen Center, we revere Thanksgiving. Of all the nationally recognized holidays, we can recognize in this one a Buddhist flavor of gratitude. So I thought I'd try to give thanks regularly on Thursdays.

Today I am especially thankful for massage therapists. I got a 90 minute massage today, something I've long needed. This week my upper back and shoulder muscles have been so tight a nerve was pinched and I had no strength in my right arm. At the moment I feel like someone pummeled my back, but I have mobility in my neck and arm again. Need I say the little bit of masochist in me likes the pain when the masseuse digs deep?

I am thankful also to my friend Lisa Mann, who recommended this massage therapist with nearly 20 years experience, Leah Hinchcliff. I go back on Tuesday. Leah is also a bass player, and that's how they know each other. Leah uses hot rocks. No, not like you see in the feel-good commercials where they lay them on your back and that's supposed to do something. No, she gets the muscles good and loose, then digs even deeper with the hot rock in lieu of her fingers. Saves her fingers, and gets the gremlins out of my back. I told her I felt like she was putting the strength of trees back into my body.

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