Sunday, July 05, 2009

I couldn't walk away.

My friend and I were leaving our regular lunch haunt when we came across a kindle of kittens at the house on the corner. The man with a cane was talking to another couple, offering them one for free. The half-dozen kits were bounding, tumbling, tussling, climbing. They were in and out, over and under the porch, boxing with some kitten lines hanging from the tree branches. Mom and aunt cats were taking turns watching them, both calico, white with black spots.

I called my sweetie. I didn't want to surprise him, but I didn't want him to say no to a new kitten or kittens. He didn't want even one cat, but he wasn't going to say no outright. I think he was hoping I would get over my need for an animal companion. I couldn't say no to the kitties. I chose girls, because I was used to a girl cat, and two, so they could be companions to each other. There were a pair of black on white calicos playing together, and this pair of stripe with a dash of calico playing together, among others.

So far I can't tell them apart until I approach them. One is not afraid. The other scoots under the couch or coffee table or something.

Right now my sweetie is not saying much to me, and watching Bob Ross for his soothing tones. I hope he warms up to them, and me, soon.

It has been so long since I've been around a kitten. When they went back under the couch for their second nap, I got out the Cat Bible that I purchased when Jig got sick. I learned I should set up a safe room for them to stay in while I'm gone. As suggested, the most logical choice is the bathroom. That's where their litter box stays anyway. Old kitty, new kitty...both need litter and water in their safe room, but at opposite ends of the room. Also a scratching box, and two new toys each day. Right now, anything is a toy.

They haven't told me their names yet. I'm still getting to know them.

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