Sunday, July 05, 2009

June in review

The first half of the month was busy with Festival stuff, the second half dealing with sorrow. I still did keep tabs on facebook though. My zen homie also from way back is back in Oregon for the summer (she works as a civilian at a base in Germany) and we were commenting on how much more attuned we feel with that gadget, how caught up we were with each other's lives. I found it made dealing with my nephew's death simpler as well.

So here's some highlights from the month, review for you facebookers.

June 4:
I said: seen on bus this morning: very skinny slight man looking possibly older than his age, with a penis tattoo on his forearm. yes, his forearm.

June 6: from Eileen K: venn diagram to Hooray! (I couldn't find the original source.)

June 7: My mentee Holly graduated!

June 8: I said: Had a great conversation with a friend on phone who now has a girlfriend. During my quizzing him on said gf, we discovered a vital requirement for a lasting relationship is that the qualities of one helps make the other a better person, and that goes both ways. Complementary, but in a way that amplifies our abilities to grow as a person.

June 9:
from Marie B: what a hoot! cow goes on a trip.

June 11: from Sarah M: Futurama is coming back!

June 16: from Sean S: Facebook is bad for bringing me new addictions. More cats!

June 17:
from Lisa M: Frogs n other living beings

June 18: from Kate S: Every Corner is a Crosswalk ...neat video. Pay attention, drivers. Considering how big I am, it's amazing how many drivers don't see me at the corner waiting for it to turn into a crosswalk.

June 20: Erin saw this before I did: Marking Portland: The Art of Tattoo. The art museum has formed a flickr group for people to submit photos of their tattoos for the exhibit. Of course Erin will be visiting this exhibit if I have anything to do with it.

June 21: from Choten: Dirge Without Music

They are gone. They are gone to feed the roses. Elegant and curled
Is the blossom. Fragrant is the blossom. I know. But I do not
It's not right. My nephew shouldn't be dead. I now despise Geo Trackers. I have since learned they are deadly, prone to roll over.

June 28: from Tasha F:

June 30: from Terri S: Israeli provocateur. I keep thinking about this. About how in some ways it is so universal, this patriotic/provocateur response. How the truthsayers are marginalized, how pacifists are treated as an enemy, as an 'other' even to the point where they're treated as stupid, or as not understanding the language.

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