Thursday, July 21, 2011

Be a Superhero at Kickstarter

Thanks to Facebook, I've come across Kickstarter and a couple of businesses I'm really happy to see get going in Portland.

The first was plugged by the coffee shop across the street from my library, Jazzkats. I supported Heidi Ho Organics not because I'm vegetarian, though I like to choose vegan options when I can, but more because of the name. Kinda required, don'tya think?

Lately, I've been all about the food carts. Innovative, creative food, cheap, and a lot of choice when you go to the pods. Who cares if it's raining during this summer-long Portland winter? We've got cart pods with tents and heat. There are 3 pods in walking distance of my house, and another mini-pod. This one, Alacarts, has my favorite veggie burger place, Off the Griddle. Not only are they all about the vegetarian, they have all renewable energy, including their own solar panels.

So now, comfort food as finger food. Mmmm. Plus Steampunk. At a cart pod hopefully near me. It may be a little light on the vegetarian options, but I have faith, and the baker is focusing on locally grown ingredients. I'm supporting them; why don't you watch this video, then be a superhero and help them get started too.

Hopefully the feature in the freely delivered Food Day will also get her more donations at Kickstarter...only about 20 days left.

Oh...if you make a donation and comment here, I will raise my donation by $5 for each of you who does so.

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