Sunday, August 07, 2011

Landscaping progress

The plans I had for the front yard edible landscaping are fulfilled.

oregano and birdbath from aboveThe bird bath, acquired from Amazon for less than 20 bucks completed the plan.  There may be new additions in the future, but those will be refinements.  Now it is a matter of waiting for plants to grow to their full potential.

Stan, the builder of the wall, is looking out for me.  He found some great assorted rocks and fossils at a yard sale, and brought them back for me.  Next to the birdbath is a large piece of obsidian.  He also planted this oregano now crazy with purple blooms.  He "had plenty."

I ordered my roses from a Wisconsin nursery, as I was looking for Rugosas, and Spring Valley Roses made it very easy for me to find the type and the expected bush size I was looking for. They arrived in April. These smell nice and produce large, and tastier, rose hips. I could make rose hip tea, or even jelly.  I didn't expect much the first year, but I got several blooms on each baby bush, though not all at the same time. Here they are at the beginning of July.

rugosa roses in the front

From left to right:
  • Charles Albanel
  • Snow Pavement
  • Foxi
  • Fru Dagmar Hastrup
  • Purple Pavement
  • Fru Dagmar....and the rest a mirror image of the left
I decided the order based on size and alternating lighter and darker colors. You can find more photos here, including a ladybug on the new green rose leaves.  Look for the rhubarb...yes...I got rhubarb!  A facebook (and co-worker) friend announced she was giving some away this spring.  Next year I will likely be able to harvest.

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