Thursday, November 16, 2006

HNT #8: Sleep Apnea and the View

I'm still watching The View after a month and a half. I understand the show's ratings have gone way up since Rosie O'Donnell joined the show. love her! My favorite part of the show is the Hot Topics section. Get any 4 women together around a table and a cup of coffee or tea, and will the talk not inevitably turn to sex in some way? More on that on The View, later.

I am more hooked on Rosie's blog. Towards the beginning of my reading it, a couple of her fans mentioned her snoring and urged her to get checked for sleep apnea. Rosie said she could never fall asleep in a clinic. Another fan mentioned she could get it done at home. So Rosie finally did that, and they covered it on the show. Indeed she has sleep apnea, and sounds just as buoyant and amazed at how good she feels as I did when I got my CPAP machine. Rosie and her doctor worked with the Sleep Doctor, a sleep expert on WebMD. He was able to hawk his book, Good Night. Rosie seemed to want to blame her weight for the sleep apnea (good grief) but he, the good doctor that he is, managed to squeeze in that people who aren't overweight have it too, and to convey that sleep apnea can cause weight issues. It can also cause death.

People who snore, especially loudly with a snort, must get that checked in a sleep clinic. Don't be embarrassed! Rosie talked about how she was embarrassed and wouldn't go to the doctor. Steve and I think too that because a person's brain is addled from sleep and oxygen deprivation, there is a weird denial that happens.

So here I am, showing my naked medically treated self at night, wearing my mask that blows air from my CPAP machine into my throat, keeping the airway open while I sleep. I call the notion of sleep without my CPAP "fake sleep" because when your airway closes, you never fall asleep deeply enough for REM sleep. Happy and well-rested HNT all!

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Regal said...

I love Rosie too and have been taping the show every day while I'm at work and I'm hooked on her blog although I don't understand when she talks about colors "yellow all around" - must have come in in the middle of that conversation.

Michelle said...

Oh man I cannot stand Rosie!! SHe's jsut loud and obnoxious! BUt thats just my opinion!! hehe It's good to be educated about sleep apnea though, my husband is SUPPOSED to go to the sleep clinic to be tested for it.....but I'm pretty sure he will never make it there!! *sigh* Is it comfortabl to sleep with that mask on your face???


Anonymous said...

excellent! I like Rosie's blog too, though I haven't been by there in a while. happy hnt :).

Heidi said...

Chelle, since she rubs you wrong I'm sure it's hard to see running all through her brassiness is lots of love and kindness. She readily admits the ways she is not perfect.

Regal, I think I read that 'yellow' is love. I missed that too. I think it's going to be in the book she's working on from earlier blog stuff.