Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Eats Near Hollywood Library: My Canh

My Canh Vietnamese Restaurant

If you are at the Hollywood Library, it is possible to walk through the parking lot, walk through the McDonald's parking lot (I see too many Hollywoodians bringing food back from that place), look to your left, and you will see the Baskin Robbins sign. My Canh Restaurant is in that same little complex.

This Vietnamese restaurant is a dependable favorite among Hollywood staff. Is there a Vietnamese restaurant that doesn't offer the lunch special of soup, entree, spring roll, and sometimes little won ton crisps?

I chose to get the Buddhist Delight this time around. It's nice to have a choice from several vegetarian entrees, but this omnipresent one is usually my first choice. I liked having so many vegetables, and they were crisp and fresh.

I actually had a request to eat here to review the avocado smoothie. Since it was my first review request ever, of course I had to make it a priority. I wasn't too sure about this though. An avocado smoothie? Wouldn't that feel...ummmm...slimy? I'd never had one before.

Buddhist Delight and Avocado Smoothie

I was pleasantly surprised. Not slimy, but the little ice crystals gave it a sharpness that hid the smooth creaminess a little. My first taste (before any hot stir-fry) yielded a slight taste of grass. You know that green taste I mean? It wasn't too much though, not like real grass, but a good mild greenish taste. Later, as I switched from vegetables and deep fried tofu back to sips of the smoothie, then I could taste the creamy avocado. Again, not slimy. I don't know what else was in there besides avocado, yes something sweet, but not too sweet, and not heavy like banana-based smoothies.

When I returned to the branch, I blamed my requester for my feeling too full. Waaay too full. It was her fault I ate lunch and a smoothie, after all. I kidded. She asked me if it was weird, and I replied, "Not as much as I thought." I will look for avocado smoothies now. Maybe I will even try making them. Maybe this one with mango, or this one without.

She told me my next assignment is an Avocado Martini. As found at Mint. That's actually over near the library administration building. It won't work for my theme of reviews near my place of work...but maybe somebody over at Admin will pick up on this...or maybe I'll just have to check out that restaurant the next rare time my sweetie has time to go out for dinner.

Or wait, did she say Avocado Daiquiri? Because that's what I found on the menu. That sounds even better. I have completely lost my hesitancy for avocado drinks.

Oh yeah. Back to My Canh. It is also a mini-store of imports. One year I happened to eat there in December, and they were giving out those Asian bamboo calendars.

imports available at My Canh

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