Thursday, May 17, 2007

HNT #20: Festival

For four or five years my library system has held a Dia de los Ninos y Dia de los Libros. It began with just one library branch, now it is held on different days at four or five. This was the first year I happened to be working at a branch that holds the event. It took over the whole library (back in April) with face-painting, flower-making, photos with Curious George, food, and live music.

Curious George was quite popular, and I began to wonder if I would ever get my chance for a photo op. (On reflection, I realized I have never before had my photo taken with a storybook or Disney or other costumed character.) The poor volunteers needed to take frequent breaks because it is hot in there.

Finally, I got my moment...the Polaroid camera ran out of film, and I stepped in and asked a friend (who just happened to be nearby with her little boy) to take my picture with Curious George, using my camera. Just one photo, all we had time for before the volunteer returned with film and more kids lined up for their photos. Unfortunately, just one blurry photo. The kids glued their Polaroids to cards with a magnet for fridge posting. I'd helped my co-workers with the card prep. I also helped a little bit with the backdrop. The clouds and the sun are my handiwork.

That day I learned to make tissue paper flowers. It's so easy. I made a few while at the reference desk, gave a couple away.

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oldfashionmomma said...

Very nice pics. My son LOVES Curious George hehe.

Happy HNT

Blissfully Wed said...

Beautiful flower in your hair. Reminds me of a song. ;)


Hollz said...

beautiful shots... hhnt!

tkkerouac said...

I have this thing for Curious George, they guy with the yellow hat is a little strange though
Nice flower, Happy HNT!

Regal said...

You and George! Beautiful! Happy HNT!

SIMPLY ME said...

Fun pic with you and george. And you look pretty with the tissue paper flower. my mom use to make those for me. she even made them out of kleenex's securing them with a bobby pin! HHNT