Thursday, May 17, 2007

Rhododendrons and the Hawthorne

I've been so busy lately that I've felt the depressive weight of responsibility and worry. I've always been one to meet deadlines, to get done just a little early so if something unforeseen happens I have a little bumper of time. As an organizer I worry when I depend on others to fulfill some task and they don't get these things done just a little ahead of time. I feel harried even when I take a break and do something recreational, because still peaking over my shoulder is that thing I can't do anything about at the moment. Much as I enjoy these offerings I make, I'll be glad for a break after June 2.

At least when I go around town I can relax on the bus and read or observe. When I walk I can pause to snap a picture. Somehow in the last month I accumulated about 140 photos on my camera. I've got some catching up to do.

I just tried using Tabblo. So far I don't like it, discovered it over at JeannieGrrl's. It might be nice for creating nice layouts, but it loads slowly and when I tried creating a tabblo just now the tools responded slowly and I couldn't move around on the screen the way I wanted. Oh well, I'll just stick with the blogger layout for now. I like a simple page anyway.

This rhododendron by our door had been peaking it's buds out for a few days when I snapped this on April 8. (Click all photos for larger image.) It's nice to arrive home and have a few more flower petals greeting you at the door.

Just a few days later some of the blossoms revealed themselves.

On April 19, the lovely ladies had opened their skirts wide.

A week after that as I walked home after dark, the presence of the hawthorne tree beckoned to me from a block away. The white blossoms had a slightly orange tint from the street lamp.

I had to pause and soak in her presence. This tree is always there, just a tree in front of my house. She sends red berries to the sidewalk that I must sweep up before they make a big splotchy mess. Those blossoms would float to the ground in a few days, rain will make them a gluey mush. At this moment though, she compels me with all her blooming sensual pungent fertility to pause and acknowledge her. She takes my breath away literally, sparking allergy-related respiratory distress, but that seems a minor inconvenience as I struggle to find a way to take in her presence that envelops me and dominates the night street. I snap a few photos, but I know that pixels will not grasp this ungraspable moment, this other-worldly embrace from my otherwise pesky friend the hawthorne tree.

Finally, mid-May, our other rhododendron begins to catch up with her blossoms. Different sides of the house make quite a difference.
More photos and thoughts from my ramblings to come soon.

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Tom Paine said...

Beautiful flowers, thanks for sharing!