Thursday, May 17, 2007

Just a little walk in April

Well, it happened. I just uploaded my 200th photo to flickr, and flickr told me it was going to start hiding older photos because I have a free account. If I upgraded to pro, the photos would be revealed. They got me. I upgraded to pro...25 bucks a year. Well now at least I can put them back into sets. (You're limited to 3 sets with a free account.) And I don't need to downsize the photos because I have plenty of storage space. This wasn't going to be a talky blog...just pictures. So here they are:

like teacups

green flowers like teacups



tree blossoms

tree blossoms

little blossoms

curly leaves

1 comment:

SIMPLY ME said...

very nice photography. My favorite is lilac's, got any pic's of those?