Thursday, May 24, 2007

HNT #21: Wall of Frames

I was inspired to share this due to my blogger friend who wished to get some frames and create an art wall. He's the one who inspired me to carry my camera everywhere and take more photos. He takes great photos. I told him here that what I do is haunt Goodwill and other thrift stores for frames for one or two dollars. Maaaybe three if it's unique. (He is also nominated for Hottest Daddy Blogger at Blogger's Choice me at least get him up from page 5 by going here and voting for him. Hurry, I think voting ends soon.)

I also mentioned that some of the HGTV designer shows give you the tip of taking many different frames and spray-painting them the same color, then the frames look like they go together. Or, like I did, you can make them go together by having them all be different.

This wall has grown organically. It started with the vertical line of 5x7 art over toward the left: those are birthday cards sent to me by my dad over the years. (Speaking of birthdays, tomorrow is my 40th. I'm having a party...just a reminder to youse in the area that I've invited...PLEASE SHOW UP. I need you. I'm TURNING FORTY. And if I didn't invite you, it could be an oversight...drop me a line if you want to come.)

Top right, that's a watercolor I did several years back. I just dabble. I get around to painting about once a year. I hope to paint some of these flowers I've been photographing. Speaking of flowers, see the lower octagonal frame? I printed that photo with my new color laser printer. A birthday gift from my sweetie. See those flower photos here.

I was talking to my sweetie Steve about the wall last night. I like the random nature of the thrift store find, and I like that I break the aesthetic rules. Some are too close together, there are blank spaces where there shouldn't be. It keeps growing. It's always not quite finished. It's always ready for another frame, another piece of me.

The old photos? My grandparents on their wedding day, and later with their children, my mom and her sister. The Buddha photo on the right? My altar, from a newspaper article on people and their personal altars. It was called "Altared Spaces." The back of the head? That's me waiting for the plane in New York, wanting to see what my new hair stick looked like when in my hair. Which brings me back to my blogger friend, I bet he likes the New York scenes. That's how we first met...he found me due to my first New York trip stories.

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Anonymous said...

I love that idea :) I have a friend who recycled CD cases that way. She took photos and little mats and put them in CD cases then put them up on the wall in a checkerboard fashion, they looked awesome!

Anonymous said...

That's a great idea! You may have just inspired me! LOL Enjoying your blog. Happy Birthday!

SIMPLY ME said...

I like "all the pieces of you", very nice, thank you.