Monday, January 07, 2008

Another Word Subscription

Ack. I meant to mention this before the 1st. I don't need to say I had other things on my mind.

I've mentioned AWAD before, now there's Rhyme-a-Day. Hallie Leighton is a smart lady that went to my college. Her first book, Rare Words, gave us only the tough words you might find in AWAD. Now she's giving us some more of those rare words, but also giving us a rhyme to help remember them. Join her yahoo group to get a daily word, click above or on the sidebar button.

Or buy the book, Rare Words II, when it comes out, and get them all at once.

The first word of the year:

redivivus (reh-dih-VIE-vus)
adj. revived; brought back to life (always placed after the noun it modifies).

No man alive is
a Julius redivivus.
Of posers, there’s plenty.
New Caesars? Not any.

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