Friday, January 25, 2008

Eats Near Hollywood Library

This is one of my work blog posts, so it was written with Multnomah County Library employees in mind:

Panera Bread NE 41st and Sandy

One of the big draws in the decision to sub at a particular location could be the places to eat nearby.

People have many choices near the Hollywood branch.

I thought I'd share some of these places. I hope other people will consider doing the same for their locations, and fellow Hollywoodians, don't let me stop you from covering places you go regularly.

Panera Bread has moved in next to Trader Joe's. Actually, many of us at Hollywood shop at Trader Joe's for our lunches, as there are many tasty ready-to-eat things to choose from there.

In order to eat somewhere, I have to be able to walk there, be served, eat, and return to the library within an hour. At Panera, there could be a line, but lines are dealt with fast. Last week, I met my sweetie for lunch. He was late, there was a line, and we still had time left on my lunch hour after we ate.

Unlike fast food chains, the food is good. The bagels alone can be worth it, but a bagel with one of their soups, even better. As a vegetarian, I can usually expect to have only one or two choices, but Panera often has three or four soups, one or two sandwiches, and a variety of bready things. I've had the Southwest roasted corn and tomato soup in a bread bowl, along with a half-salad. (I wish I'd remembered to take that photo.) Tasty, fresh, plenty. When I went to lunch with my sweetie, I had the tomato bisque, also quite good, and I'm pretty skeptical about tomato soups. A bagel with cream cheese, great for the side.

Besides coffee and fountain drinks, Panera also has Jones soda. For some reason I never noticed before that the labels change. This one caught my eye. It turns out you can submit your own photos.

Oh yeah, Panera is great for breakfast too. Someone I know has become hooked on the egg souffles.

While I don't have need to use their free wi-fi, it could come in handy when I'm not at work.

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