Friday, January 11, 2008

Finally a Reality Show I Love

How to Look Good Naked

Carson Kressley manages in 5 days to get fabulously fat women to love their bodies, something it takes many women a lifetime, if ever, to do on their own.

Something good came out of my watching too many Christmas movies, many of which were on Lifetime...I saw the preview for this show while watching them.

He manages to expose so many of the fallacies that we carry around about ourselves:

  • that we don't look good naked
  • that we can't wear cute clothes
  • that we are enormous (He has the young woman place herself among other fat woman according to size. She will invariably put herself in too big a slot.)
  • that people will not see our naked bodies as beautiful
  • that we must lose weight to be sexy

Carson is so adorable, so kind. I may have to check out Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

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chez bez said...

Beautiful post. I love the good that the show does for women.