Friday, January 23, 2009

The Aeneid: Book 1

The AeneidI came across this interview with Ursula LeGuin, and it reminded me that I have yet to read her book Lavinia. (And that of course is because I bought it so I have no library due date.) I may have to read that soon though, because Lavinia is a character from The Aeneid who says nothing...Ursula was curious about Lavinia's story so she wrote the book. Not before Ursula re-learned her Latin for The Aeneid. I got that straight from Ursula's mouth when she spoke at our staff day.

The Aeneid is reading much faster than either Homer or Moby Dick. It is ummm rather sparse after those. It's a good thing, because I have nowhere near the same amount of time to read it. I'll be linking to the free digital Perseus, but I am reading the Fagles translation.

Book 1: Safe Haven After Storm
Juno's mad, sends the Winds to wreck the ships of Aeneus. Neptune scolds the Winds for usurping his territory, and he calms the storm. Part of Juno's interference has to do with the future the Fates were spinning. Son of Maia -> Mercury -> Hermes. I need another Greek/Roman Gods chart. I know the main gods, but not such names a Maia.

Aeneus -> son of Venus.
Dido -> husband (Sychaeus) killed by her brother (Pygmalion).

She fled with the money, establishes her own country. She is an exile, as is Aeneus. I mean Venus helps Aeneus while in disguise. He doesn't appreciate that.

"Why, you too, cruel as the rest? So often
you ridicule your son with your disguises!" (494-5)
Aeneus gives gifts, "Helen's glory...handiwork of Leda..." ...Helen -> daughter of Leda.

Venus sends Cupid to be Aeneus' son and make Dido fall in love with the young man.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, do read Lavinia. It is wonderful, everything you might expect from LeGuin, and more.