Monday, January 19, 2009

Update on Jig

After her visit to the vet last week, our poor Jig developed nausea again. It was the weekend, so we took her to Dove Lewis Animal Hospital. We wanted her to be able to eat and get hydrated. That was yesterday.

Because it is a 24 hour emergency center, if animals come in with greater emergencies, they get treated first. While we were there a man brought a meowing cat in a box. He found her after she'd been hit by a car. There were books there in case kids had to wait a while for their pets to be seen. The books were almost all about animals.

Today we called the vet we went to in the first place to get that ultra-sound. If they couldn't get her in, we wanted to return to Dove Lewis. We got in.

So now we know that Jig does not have a tumor, but she does have a diaphragmatic hernia, and her liver bulges through it a little. It could be she's had this almost all her life. It could be the liver has slipped through more; it could be there is some increased swelling. It could be this has nothing to do with her nausea, and what she has is kitty acid reflux. One friend said to me on Facebook that her cat has acid, and got treated easily. That's not something they can find indications for, so the way to find out is through treatment.

So little Jig got another anti-nausea shot, some more fluids, and some antacid pills. In addition, we are to give her a small amount of Mylanta "to coat the esophagus."

It makes sense that might be it. She's always been easily anxious, and had a small issue with vomiting, but nothing this bad. Thanks to the shots, she can eat...and she is hungry.

If she doesn't feel better from this, surgery is an option to fix the hernia.

I must say I am grateful my sweetie makes enough money that we can afford this, and we didn't have to make the agonizing decision to refuse treatment because we couldn't afford it.

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