Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's Going to be rough

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Our cat Jig has been sick for a week or two. At first we thought it a hairball, and got her some Pounce treats for hairballs. It seemed to help a little, but no hairball. She was spitting up, and gradually stopped eating entirely, though she acted hungry. When we took her to the vet 2 days ago, we found out she had been nauseous, thus the hunger but no eating. She was also dehydrated, even though she was drinking a lot of water. The vet gave her an injection to hydrate her, and an injection to take away the nausea.

Poor little Jig, who is small anyway, was only 6 pounds. The vet also prescribed some high-calorie food designed to be enticing. Jig has eaten some, not as much as her usual, but better than this past week. The bloodwork came back negative...she does not have kidney disease or a thyroid condition...the doc's first guess, or any other kitty disease discernible through the blood.

Today we took her back to the vet to get X-Rays. This will tell us if she has cancer, or not. Who knows, perhaps she was simply dehydrated because she caught a kitty cold or something. I'm still waiting for word, and to bring her home.

When my sweetie and I returned home after dropping her off and going out for breakfast, I noticed a lifting in my heart. I recognized it due to its immediate squashing. Whenever I come home I have this light lovey feeling because I am about to open the door and say, "Hi, Jig, I'm home." And she comes out to greet me and demands a lap. No wait, she says, food and a lap. Today that feeling arose, and was immediately dashed because I remembered that she was not home; the house was empty.

And I realized when this 17 year old kitty dies, it will be really really rough, for me and for my sweetie, who brought her into my life.

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