Friday, September 15, 2006

Da Count #1

Here's another weekly blogging world posting. I am so on the fringes of the blogging world. I don't have time to read a whole lot of other people's blogs, don't have the time to engage in those little niceties in comments that sometimes become more like a web board chat room. But I can see the merit in participating in this, like HNT yesterday, or today, Da Count...I do really well with deadlines. At the very least this could keep me posting consistently and keep those creative juices flowing. So maybe I really will do these regularly. We'll see.


Thanks to HNT I came across Da Count, but I was already thinking about writing about something that counts today.

I feel so incredibly lucky to have the life I have. I work half-time so I can work at those things that are important to me. I would do that if I were single, and money would be much tighter, and my life would still be good. I feel especially lucky that I have the man in my life that I do. When we first got together we were both fairly poor. He held out for the good job and got it. He works hard. I know by law I'm entitled to half, but that doesn't matter to me. I don't expect to be supported by my husband. I don't expect him to be the 'bread-winner'. It sure is nice though, not to be nickel-and-dimed anymore. I am grateful that our lives turned this way in just a few short years. So I find myself sort of in the position of a traditional marriage. He works long hours, I work less and do more of the housework, but none of it from my end feels like, or is expected to be, an obligation. We do what we can for each other because of our love. He does what he is able to for his girlfriend Krissy because of his love, and I support them because of our love.
I don't feel like I do much, not enough to merit this love. I sent him off with coffee this afternoon, a ritual he likes to have done for him, and that I like to do. He left for work late because he worked last night until the early birds were rising. He called me just a few minutes later to tell me once more how much he loves me. This is the man who, when I asked what he thought of my visiting New York again, which includes plans to see another man, said, "Enjoy life, that's what I say." Makes me want to do whatever I can to help him enjoy life. And the ever deeper spiral of loving giving continues...

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