Saturday, September 30, 2006

Movies Seen


Dakota Fanning was incredible at 6 years old in I Am Sam. At age 11, she continues to shine and really makes this movie. Of course Elizabeth Shue, Kurt Russell, and Kris Kristofferson are nothing to sneeze at. So, the movie may be one giant Disney cliche (actually Dreamworks) but it works. They brought in the same horse people that worked on Seabiscuit. Great movie for girls, of course.

Born Into Brothels

A photographer goes to live in the brothels in Calcutta, India so she can get to know the people so they will trust her to photograph them. She discovers the children there, and her project changes. She gets cameras for the kids and teaches them photography. Zana Briski also formed the nonprofit Kids With Cameras, and made it her work to get the children into better schools...not an easy task. Everyone should see this movie.


Maybe I placed a hold on this at the library because it's set in Oregon, filmed in Oregon, and includes Elliott Smith in the soundtrack. A teen who still sucks his thumb tries to find his way with the help of some not-quite-real characters. Keanu Reeves with shades of a nearing-forty Ted-as-orthodontist, a girlfriend who toys with him, a teacher who crosses all kinds of boundaries. It was the absolutely perfect movie to go with Elliott Smith music.

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