Thursday, September 28, 2006

Kohler Design Center

things my grandpa made One more thing my grandpa made: a horse race for gambling. My grandpa was of the set that did football pools, dartball (Follow the seems churches in the midwest have dartball leagues.) He made a dartball board that I think went on to a new home. And horseshoes. He was in a horseshoe league and won several trophies over the years, after he retired from the Kohler Company. I am sad to say I never saw him play this game, rolling the handcarved die to determine how far the horse moved, gambling on 'his horse'. After I graduated from college I visited Wisconsin less and less.

Speaking of Kohler, my mom had the good idea for us to visit the Kohler Design Center. Kohler design center front entrance Kohler design center side view

The first floor was a showroom, full of designer bathtubs, showers, and backlit toilets, sinks, and tubs stacked floor to ceiling.

IMG_0230 copy

talk about half-nekkid Thursday:

IMG_0220 copy IMG_0219 copy

IMG_0235 copy The second floor had designer showcases. Rich bathrooms, cutting edge kitchens.


The basement floor was a history of the Kohler post.

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