Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Uneasy remembrance

In Buddhism it is usually a bad idea to solidify one's identity around a specific event or idea, good or bad. It creates addictions and aversions. We are now firmly entrenched in a 9/11 ID as individuals and as a nation. I know of no one who has a neutral reaction. Warmongers use it to perpetuate war. Peacemongers resent the use of it to perpetuate war. People cling to the fear and justify aggression. People cling to the uplifting memories of kindness and fortitude. We can't keep living on these memories, can't keep using them to make negative judgments about this world that we live in now. We need to be kind from this moment, loving from this moment, have empathy for suffering of those around us in this moment.

If it's come up with people in my life, I've found that people wish to avoid the whole 5 year remembrance mostly because it continues to be used for various agendas. I certainly wanted to avoid the ABC propaganda movie. I learned all I needed to know here and here.

I meant to go to a prayer and fast vigil downtown before I went to work, but my bus was late and I missed the chanting of my Nichiren Buddhist friends, pics here.

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