Sunday, September 24, 2006

Short Wisconsin Visit

I'm back from a short visit to Wisconsin. Of course my mom felt it was too short. I thought it was about right for me. It's easier to visit in small doses.

I wrote some stuff on my portable desktop (if you look closely you can see the zipper from my suitcase, underneath the book, underneath the palm with keyboard):


My grandma ain't dyin' yet, though she is losing weight. My mom and I talked about how she seems to hide when she smokes, we wondered if she wants it to be her own private pleasure.

My corn-fed towhead twin nephews gave me an awesome ~2 foot vase that they made. I didn't get the chance to see their older brother (my godson).

The plane trips weren't as annoyingly uncomfortable as I thought they'd be, perhaps because I was expecting them to be.

More on all that later. Because of the trip, missed the weekly HNT. not sure I'll do Da Count...I do that here anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome home. ;)