Monday, September 04, 2006

Declaration of Peace

There is a nationwide campaign for a plan for peace in Iraq called the Declaration of Peace. I hope that is old news for you. You can read and sign the Peace Pledge here. Here in Portland there will be a street hearing on the war with public testimony (somewhat open mike). That's on Monday, the 21st, the deadline that the campaign gave to our government to come up with that plan.

Happily, one of our lawmakers will not be targeted for nonviolent civil disobedience. My own Congressman, Earl Blumenauer, signed the peace pledge. The folks lobbying him regarding the DoP were surprised that he did, and they felt he "came across as very serious and heartfelt about Iraq." The full report from their meeting can be found here.

Also on Saturday, September 23 there will be a candlelight vigil on the bridges as part of the campaign to pull out from Iraq. Info here.

These happen to fall on days that I am visiting Wisconsin. I looked, not much going on there, and nothing near my Grandma, the reason for my visit. But before that, I'll be at the Belmont Street Fair on September 9. The Buddhists are congregating at the Nichiren Buddhist Temple on Belmont and 20th. I'm betting the DoP folks will be at the fair too. Maybe I'll get to see the rolling rubble tour. (A diorama depicting a bombed home, on a trailer) Maybe I can do something at the BPF booth related to this.

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